Handpumps Joined at the Hip: Two-for-one or Double Trouble?

Water point data is available from the Gambia for the first time ever with the addition of 161 records. This data was collected as part of a handpump evaluation study that was recently carried out by the Institute for Sustainable Futures (University of Technology Sydney) in partnership with Oxfam. Below is a guest post analysing […]

New Partnership Established as a Result of WPDx

While researchers, governments, and NGOs around the world are using WPDx for a wide range of uses, we recently heard of an interesting new use – looking at what partners are working in a given area to explore opportunities for collaboration.  Through the WPDx platform, Initiative: Eau wase able to see other organizations completing water […]

Nearly 500 Records Added by VERGNET HYDRO and AQUASYS

Nearly 500 new water point records have been added to WPDx by Vergnet Hydro, representing one of the largest sets of data shared by a private company to date. The data comes from the company’s work in Burkina Faso, as well as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This new data from the DRC […]

New Partnership Launched with the Indigo Trust

The Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx) is pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with the Indigo Trust, a leading funder of technology-driven solutions that bring about social change in Africa. This new partnership will advance the objectives of transparency and accountability shared by WPDx and the Indigo Trust. The generous contribution of GBP […]

Water, Spillovers and Free Riding: the Economics of Pump Functionality in Tanzania

Note: This is a repost of a blog that originally appeared on IRC’s blog written by Rossa O’Keeffe-O’Donovan, Economics PhD Candidate at University of Pennsylvania. This research is still in progress, and Rossa is seeking survey responses to complement his quantitative work, and help understand and interpret results. If you have knowledge of how decisions are made in […]

First Data Shared in Burkina Faso

Over 100 water point records have been shared in Burkina Faso, making data available in that country through WPDx for the first time. The data comes from H2OpenMap, an innovative data sharing initiative supported by Rasmata Onlus. More information about H2OpenMap is available at http://www.h2openmap.org, and the new data can be accessed through WPDx here. The addition […]

Almost 4,000 New Records Added in Liberia

Almost 4,000 records have been added in Liberia, providing new insights to the water point landscape in this country. The new data builds on roughly 10,000 records collected during an earlier water point survey. These updates include water points in communities and schools across the country.  The 2011 Waterpoint Mapping project was carried out using smartphone-based survey […]

Over 800 new records added in Uganda

WPDx users can now learn about water points in Uganda with unprecidented detail. Over new 800 water point records were added to the Water Point Data Exchange by Text to Change Mobile (TTC) this week. These water points were collected through a project that used mobile technology to bring clean water to communities in Uganda. Through this project […]

What’s new on the Water Point Data Exchange website

During the last three months, I’ve had the pleasure to work with our team on the Water Point Data Exchange website. We are now introducing many new exciting features to make the sharing and using water point data easier than ever. In the last seven months, visitors have downloaded the complete water point data set twenty times per […]