WPDx users can now learn about water points in Uganda with unprecidented detail. Over new 800 water point records were added to the Water Point Data Exchange by Text to Change Mobile (TTC) this week. These water points were collected through a project that used mobile technology to bring clean water to communities in Uganda. Through this project and in partnership with Akvo, TTC’s Vusion platform was used to create a feedback system between water users, hand pump mechanics and the District Water Office to ensure water source functionality and the constant provision of clean water to communities. Additional information about this innovative project is available here.

By sharing the data this week, the impact of this program is now amplified and others can continue learning from the information collected. This data has now been harmonized with data from seven other organizations, providing the clearest picture ever of water points in Uganda. 

You can view this new data through the data playground. Click here to check it out!

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