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The first public comment period for the proposed WHdx Data Exchange Standard is closed.

The WHdx Data Exchange Standard was developed with input from an expert working group who compared WASH in healthcare facility data collection tools to identify indicators.

The WHdx Data Standard is designed to harmonize data from a variety of different surveys including national census data, routine monitoring efforts, WASH FIT surveys and responses to the JMP core questions.

The WHdx Data Standard draws primarily upon questions from WASH FIT and JMP surveys as these surveys are widely used and include parameters that provide key information which can be informative at scale. Because of the popularity of WASH FIT and JMP we have created a mapping document to show how specific questions from these surveys would be translated into the WHdx Data Standard.

Regardless of the type of survey instrument used, full datasets can be uploaded to the WHdx platform and only the parameters which map to the WHdx Data Standard will be compiled into the WHdx data set.

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To finalize the WHdx Data Standard, Global Water Challenge anticipates soliciting a final round of feedback in early 2023 and will welcome anyone with experience in WASH in healthcare settings to provide comments, including government, NGOs/CSOs, academic, donor, and the private sector.

Deadline: Friday, November 11, 2022

WHdx provides a centralized data platform where partners can routinely share data - quickly and easily

  • Sector-relevant data standard aligned with key indicators from JMP and WASH FIT
  • Allows for data upload in various formats with direct connection to key online platforms including Akvo Flow, mWater and Open Data Kit (ODK)

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