Data Quality

Beta version 1.0 released March 2022


This tool provides an overview of the age of available water point data on both point and administrative division scales.

Illustrative Uses:

  • Identifying areas for targeted data sharing outreach
  • Selecting areas for focused data collection
  • Ensuring a clear understanding of the age of data available for other analyses


  1. Select Data Quality Analysis from the Decision-Support Tool dropdown menu
  2. Click on the three bars in the upper left hand corner and select Filter by Region and select target country and administrative divisions from the drop-down menus. The map will update based on your selections.
  3.  The results from the analysis displays a chloropleth map based on the average report date for each point within the administrative division selected (darker purples indicates newer data, while lighter purples indicate older data).
  4. Click on an administrative region to see a histogram of the age of available data for that area.


For each point, we calculate a quality score which takes into account the age of the water point records and the percent of the rural population which can be accounted for by the provided water point data.

The main parameter that controls this score is the ‘target value’ – for example, in the current state we define that a 20-year-old report is worth only 10% in comparison to a ‘day-old’ report. All other reports are then given values based on their report age using a geometric decay model.

These value assignments are qualitative and are only meant to give a rough estimate of data ‘freshness’.


This analysis is based on the latest available data from the WPdx+ dataset,  population estimates from the Facebook High Resolution Population Datasets and administrative boundaries from GADM or HDX (Eswatini, Ghana and Uganda).

WPdx is an open-source repository for data and contributors include governments, NGOs, academic researchers, and others. WPdx has not directly collected this data or verified the accuracy of the data on the platform. WPdx does perform basic validation checks to ensure that required parameters are included and that GPS locations match with the country boundaries of the provided datasets. Additional cleaning and categorizing steps are taken to prepare the dataset for analysis. Full details of these processes can be found on our website. Questions and feedback are more than welcome.

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