In 2014, the Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx) was launched to tackle a widely-identified issue: organizations in the WASH sector were not coordinating as well as they could be. Part of the issue, as identified by numerous sector experts, was that data about water access projects were not shared transparently or in a standardized way. Through tireless advocacy since its launch, WPDx has seen tremendous growth in the sheer volume of water point data available. Ultimately, this has led to better coordination among stakeholders in the WASH sector. Organizations are now sharing their harmonized data more regularly and encouraging their partners to do the same. With better data, actors in this space can effectively plan and collaborate with one another. This momentum prompted the WPDx team to ask the question: well, now what?

In response to that question, the WPDx mission and theory of change were born. WPDx has unified its efforts behind a mission to “Unlock the potential of water point data to improve learning and decision-making.” Next, the team established the theory of change (see attached picture) — the work streams undertaken to achieve the mission. Finally, the outcome of these define the vision of WPDx: Improve water services through evidence-based decision-making and new learning.

The mission, vision and theory of change were initially crafted by the WPDx team, then taken to the group of experts that comprise the WPDx Working Group. It was agreed unanimously that they clearly capture some of the key needs of the WASH sector upon which WPDx can bring its expertise to bear.  

The WPDx team is working each day to make this vision a reality. We’d love for you to join us – you are invited to share your ideas, feedback, expertise, and especially data as we continue this journey.

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