The Water Point Data Exchange was featured in a recent Gartner research paper. “Four Real-World Case Studies: Implement Augmented DSML to Enable Expert and Citizen Data Scientists,” authored by Carlie Idoine and Jim Hare of Gartner, explored how augmented data science and machine learning (DSML) not only gives citizen data scientists access to DSML capabilities, but it also makes experts more efficient and productive. Idoine and Hare selected four cases that they concluded data and analytics leaders should study to understand the business impact of augmented DSML. WPDx was honored to be one of the exemplary cases chosen. Specifically, the authors utilized WPDx as the example to “incorporate governance to manage and guide your augmented data science approach, with significant focus on data access and data quality.” According to the report, “the data provided [by WPDx] guides the Ministries’ planning and providing facts, not just assumptions. And it ultimately provides more trust in the approach and in the results. As Mohamed Small Jueah Bah, Program Officer for Monitoring and Evaluation, Sierra Leone Ministry of Water Resources explained, an augmented approach has made his job “easier, easier, easier, easier, easier. It’s as simple as eating a banana!”

You can read the full report here.

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