WPDx is excited to promote transparent data sharing in the rural water sector through our first Open Data Day celebration!

Bringing Together the Pieces of the Puzzle

Across the WASH sector there is growing recognition that regular monitoring, data collection, and evidence-based decision making can improve water access program outcomes, and many organizations and governments are working diligently to collect data in their areas of operation. However, unless data is openly shared, entities are only able to utilize their own data to make decisions – which is only one piece of the puzzle.

Sharing data through the WPDx platform enables the puzzle pieces to come together to show the entire landscape and provide a more comprehensive understanding of the water sector.  This link shows how WPDx works to harmonize data regardless of which organization collected the data or which collection platform was utilized. The harmonized dataset, available on the WPDx Data Repository, also serves as a starting point for robust decision-support analysis.

New Predict Water Point Status Tool… Coming Soon

To demonstrate the power of using open data to improve rural water decisions, we will soon be launching an updated version of our Predict Water Point Status tool. The results from this tool provide insights about which water points may break down in the near future, which can be used to inform decisions around preventative maintenance, increased monitoring and resource allocations. We are working on similar updates to our remaining tools which will launch later in 2021.

Recognition of Leaders in Data Sharing

To mark our first celebration of Open Data Day, we take this opportunity to recognize the entities that have demonstrated their commitment to transparency and accountability by sharing data with the WPDx platform, contributing over 40,000 new water point records from 28 countries in the past year. Special recognition goes to the following organizations: 

Countries with the most water point records uploaded in the last year

  • Ethiopia
  • Sierra Leone

Governments with demonstrated national commitment to collecting and using WPDx data for decisions

  • Ministry of Water Resources, Sierra Leone
  • Water Development Commission in the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Ethiopia

Government Agencies that have shared most data in the past year

  • Ministry of Basic and Secondary School Education of Sierra Leone (in partnership with the Ministry of Water Resources of Sierra Leone)
  • Dera, Farta, and North Mecha Water and Energy Offices (Ethiopia)

Organizations that shared the most data in the past year

  • Community-Led Accelerated WASH program (COWASH)
  • Living Water International

Organizations that shared data from the most countries in the past year

  • Living Water International
  • WaterAid

Organization that demonstrated their commitment with automated updates

  • Ugandan Water Project


Thank you to our generous funders and key partners




Entities which have shared data with WPDx in the past year


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