A new proposal has been made by Global Water Challenge to modify the WPDx standard and the global WASH community is invited to provide feedback. Please see the full proposal here, and provide and feedback in the commments. Feedback will be accepted until June 23.

The attributes being proposed include:

  • Proposed Attributes
    • #fecal_coliform
      • Results of e. coli or thermotolerant coliform water quality test in a 100ml sample. If thermotolerant, must be noted in the metadata.
      •  Can be either a positive whole number value or “Presence”
    • #subjective_quality
      • Information regarding the perceived quality of the water including taste, appearance, and/or odor
      • Open text field
  • Proposed Metadata Questions
    • What methodology was used to determine fecal coliform?
    • Was the methodology looking at e. coli or thermotolerant coliform?

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