DataRobot, an automated machine learning platform that helps build and deploy accurate predictive models, has partnered with the Global Water Challenge (GWC) to pilot their Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good: Powered by DataRobot initiative. DataRobot created AI for Good because they believe artificial intelligence has the potential to help solve the greatest challenges facing society. Whether it’s improving healthcare and education, mitigating the effects of climate change, or fighting cybercrime, DataRobot trusts that AI has the power to make meaningful change.

In 2018, DataRobot and GWC, the Water Point Data Exchange’s (WPDx) parent organization, worked closely to develop sustainable water solutions and advance WPDx’s capacity. More than 500,000 data points were analyzed to create WPDx’s advanced analytics tools. Building onthe successful results achieved with GWC’s pilot collaboration, DataRobot launched AI for Good: Powered by Data Robot. Now, they are looking for other non-profit organizations to partner with them and discover how AI can also help them reinforce their work. DataRobot’s goal is simple: Impact one million lives in the first year. At WPDx, we are thrilled that our partnership not only led to the enhancement of our platform’s power but that its effective results have inspired a company like DataRobot to use data to create sustainable and lasting impacts. 

To learn more about GWC and DataRobot’s collaboration, please watch this video

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